Established in 1995, IŞIK KAYNAK Welding Machine Industry, Trade Co., Ltd is one of the leading companies in design, manufacture and sales of inverter and transformer welding machines in Turkey.The company is located in Gaziantep and owns over 4,400 m² of production facilities (including offices, R&D department, assembly lines and SMT workshop) and employs around 60 people.


Under IŞIK KAYNAK brand, our products are sold domestically and overseas to serve as such petrochemical, construction, automotive, shipbuilding, pressure vessels, steel structures and light industry in general.


Thanks to our daily commitment to quality and respect for national and international standards, our products satisfy the strictest criteria of energy saving, safety and environmental protection.We are certified CE and ISO 9001:2000 our products are sold worldwide, but are being particularly appreciated in Middle East, Asia and North Africa.Welding technology in the world is a rapidly developing industry.IŞIK KAYNAK with R&D projects always aiming to produce better quality, more efficient and world class quality standards machines.For this purpose; in 2011 and 2013, he successfully completed two TUBITAK R&G projects.(2011 - 7100506 INVERTER DC TIG 300 WELDING MACHINE PROJECT and 2013 - 7120306 INVERTER SYNERGICAL WELDING MACHINE PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT PROJECT). Following these projects, in 2014 KOSGEB successfully completed the RESEARCH-DEVELOPMENT, INNOVATION and INDUSTRIAL APPLICATION SUPPORT PROGRAM, and serial production was started in the INVERTER WELDING MACHINE group. In this way, it has contributed a little to the point of reducing the external dependency of our country.


IŞIK KAYNAK is a company that can produce 60 kinds of welding machines in Turkey with TSE standards and with high domestic source of 86% without dependency on the outside.In addition to the products produced by IŞIK KAYNAK, it informs / educates the regional industry about current welding technologies and methods, contributing to manufacturers with better quality, faster and lowest cost products.


With more than 70 seller agent and service point in Turkey and around the world. IŞIK KAYNAK has always aimed to offer its customers the highest quality in the frame of customer satisfaction.



Using resources efficiently, Customer oriented principles are aimed at.
Providing superior quality products and services in the welding sector. Being an environmentally responsible organization



IŞIK KAYNAK Tic. Ltd. Şti obtains the vision of being a global brand leader in Welding solutions by providing absolute customer satisfaction with innovative welding products and services around the world.