Digital Touchscreen,Small Machine

Plasma Cutting machine cuts comfortable and clean cutting of iron, stainless, aluminum and high alloy metals with compressed air. Operates with mains voltage is 3x380 V - 50 Hz. With a special torch a capacity of 100 A, it’s a cutting capacity is 45 mm for Steel workpiece, 30 mm for Stainless Steel workpiece and 30 mm for Aluminum workpiece. In case of failure such as Inadequate air pressure, output short circuit, overheat, phase break, voltage increase or drop in mains or input supply line during operation, self-protection stop the operation and text the fault code on digital screen.

15 KVA
45 mm
IP 21S
23 KG

SPT 90

Digital Bolt Stud,Small Machine

SPT 90 Bolt Stud Spot Welding Machine, condenser discharge stud welding machines (bolt welding machine) are generally preferred in applications that are to be welded on not very thick workpieces. In this method, deformations due to the welding process, which cannot occur on the workpiece due to the application of the welding current in a very short time or remain at the lowest levels. Electrical panel manufacturing, signage board works, kitchen wares, machine manufacturing and elevator manufacturing etc.… It is among the usage areas. Bolts, stud, nails, etc. are welded to mild steel sheet, stainless, copper, brass without leaving a mark to the back side of metal surfaces.

90.000 MF
IP 21S
30 KG


Digital Touchscreen ,Water Cooling

TIG welding can be used with all metals except aluminum and magnesium alloy metals.It is a touch-panel INVERTER DC P-TIG welding machine comes with digital volt-ammeter indication INVERTER DC P-TIG allows to start with pilot arc (HF).

13,5 KVA
5-400 A
IP 21S
70 KG